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Providing Inspections for Diesel Injectors in Red Deer and Area

From semis to trucks, new and old, we inspect all diesel injectors, getting Red Deer back on the road. You know that all engines require routine maintenance, and that the longer the wait between an issue becoming clear and getting it fixed, the worse the problem becomes. Reduce cost by acting quickly – get your diesel injector looked at as soon as possible.

Semis and Fleet Trucks

Our technicians specialize in handling large-scale jobs, from single semis to entire vehicle fleets. Since injector systems are subject to wear and tear, just like all other components, if one truck is showing signs of damage, there is no better time to have the whole fleet tested. You profit from the time your fleet trucks spend on the road, so maximize efficiency by promptly handling any fuel injector issues that arise.

Mechanical Testing

From competitive pricing to streamlined service, it’s never been easier to test your vehicle’s system. Mechanical injectors are highly serviceable and can be dealt with in-house, adding value through efficiency. Whether you need a simple assessment, overall rebuild, or entire system replacement, we ensure that your vehicle meets manufacturer specifications. Trust the experts and our many testing methods, including:

Spray testing

Spray pattern reading

Open pressure assessment

Nozzle leakage tests

Common Rail Testing

While most vehicles have mechanical injectors, some still have the common rail design. If this applies to your vehicle, and you are having injection system issues, it may be time to get a new component altogether. Using our new test stand, we provide reliable assessments as to your common rail injector’s operating efficiency. Not all setups are serviceable; so, to prevent possible damage to the engine, come see us and get your system up-to-date.

How Testing Helps You

It takes the proper tools to correctly test an injector system for the wide range of issues they can face. Save time and money by having the testing done right the first time, in a process that generally takes less than an hour. Learn whether the system needs repairs and replacement, or just a simple tune-up. With decades of industry-specific expertise, trust our knowledgable technicians and bring your vehicle in to get this critical system tested.

High Quality Equipment

Reap the benefits of our specialized equipment, streamlining the testing process to get you back on the road faster. Our modern tools include:

Bosch Tool 5 and EPS Tool 5

Specialized Equipment for All Makes/Models

Hartridge Testing Apparatus

Fuel Injection Issues are Time Sensitive

Save time and money in the long-run – test your system today.

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