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Skillful and Efficient Fuel Injector Testing Right Here in Red Deer

Preserve your truck and its components with expert fuel injector testing. Red Deer knows the high-quality service provided by our factory-trained technicians – from start to finish, your truck is in great hands with our detailed testing methods.

When to Test Your Injector

Chances are that if your truck or semi needs its fuel injector tested, there are some symptoms you have observed. From idling issues to poor engine performance, starting problems to off-colour exhaust, your vehicle tries to communicate injector troubles. The sooner these issues are addressed, the more straightforward the fix, so don’t wait – book your appointment today.

Diesel Injector Assessment

Injectors are one of the most complicated components on the diesel engine, so it is always best to consult an expert. Whether your vehicle is struggling, or you are getting the entire fleet tested, it is never too soon to seek professional advice for this essential engine part.

Gasoline Injector Testing

When it is time to service your truck, responsible vehicle owners seek out specialized help for fuel injector issues. Chances are, you use fuel injector cleaner on the vehicle; so, if the issue is more extensive, come see the specialists at our shop and we will help you find the most affordable and efficient solution.


Full-Service Fuel Injector Testing

Get quality injection system assessments from industry experts.

Commercial and Personal Vehicle Assessments

Providing reliable fuel injector service to all vehicle makes and models.

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