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Easily Source High-Quality Engine Components in Red Deer

In Red Deer, seeking quality engine components for your vehicle? We are here to help. In order for your engine to run smoothly, it needs complete coordination of a variety of components ranging from head gaskets to valves. If any of these parts are worn out or not working properly, head over to Central Diesel Injection Inc. to find the best solution to keep your engine running smoothly.

Choose from a Variety of Engine Components

Glow plugs, controllers and relays

Lift pumps

FICM - fuel injector control module

IDM - injector drive module

Vacuum pumps

IPR valves

ICP sensors

EGR valves

Injector wire harness

Valve cover gaskets

Pressure regulators

Fuel filter/water separators and filters

Stanadyne Fuel Manager and Racor

Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives

Prevent your engines from experiencing premature wear by using diesel fuel additives from Stanadyne. These chemical treatments offer superior lubrication and provide a cleaning effect that keeps your engine running effortlessly. We have up to 20L pails in stock to take care of your bulk treatment needs.

Stanadyne Performance Formula contains Cetane Boost and wax dispersant/pour point depressant chemicals to clean and lubricate your engine efficiently. Stanadyne Lubricity Formula offers extra-concentrated lubrication for your engines. Contact us for more information.

Diesel fuel

Engine Component Sales

Purchase top-of-the-line engine components from the experts.

Your Go-To Source of Quality Engine Parts

Our skilled staff will help you find the exact component you seek.

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