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Check In On Your Gasoline Injector- Keeping Red Deer On The Road

With decades of industry experience, and ties to the community of Red Deer, locals trust our gasoline injector system advice, even when that means the component often cannot be serviced. Keep ahead of issues, and help your engine stay as functional as possible, by promptly reacting to fuel injector concerns and scheduling an appointment with our skilled technicians.

Cleaning and Prevention

We have a great deal of experience cleaning and assessing Electronically Fuel Injected (EFI) systems, using modern tools and accurate tests which include spray pattern, leak testing, and flow rate analysis. While servicing may pose a challenge, by using ultrasonic cleaning, you can improve the shelf life of your gasoline fuel injector system. Trust our tried and true methods to quickly get you reliable answers to your EFI concerns.

Replacement Process

Due to the nature of gasoline fuel injection systems, the servicing process is often not feasible. Instead, veteran mechanics know it may be wiser to replace the system altogether for the benefit of the truck as a whole. Replacement is as easy as stopping by and our team ordering a new part, or finding the right component from our thoroughly stocked storeroom. With the part in hand, the installation process is fast and cost-effective, quickly getting you back to smooth driving.

Gasoline Fuel Injector Causing You Trouble?

Contact the experts to learn how we can prevent damage to your engine.

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